Warmest Greetings!

I want to share some exciting news before it goes public.

Over the past several years I’ve listened to many of my executive colleagues and clients share their frustrations with younger additions to their teams, most often referred to as the millennial generation. I even wrote a book about it.

As a way of addressing this challenge, I partnered with an outstanding woman who has established herself as a leader in personal branding and executive presence, Roz Usheroff. Leveraging her experience in that field and mine in understanding and interpreting millennials, we’ve begun working on a dedicated website that puts all of the best tips and guidance we can generate and find into one place...

This exciting launch has been a long-term work-in-progress and we are finally close to inviting you to drop in early in 2018.

Expect a resource-rich site, entirely focused on Managing NexGen. It will include constantly changing blogs on new trends in integrated management; video training vignettes; tutorials; modular training; interactive assessment with examples; latest links to media material on boomer/millennial workplace issues; Q&A on a range of situations and a lot more. is going to be a one-stop opportunity for everything you need to inform yourself on how to manage, retain, and motivate newer team members, notably, in the emerging talent group of the next generation.

We are going to cover important 21st century issues at a time when companies need great talent and, more so, want to retain it!

Right now, we can really use your help. Before we finalize and ‘go live’, we need to make sure we have included everything you could ever require. Please take a few moments to answer this question...because there is really only one thing we want to ask you…

What are your two top questions about managing NexGen that we absolutely MUST answer for you in our online resource materials?

Please take moment to respond and just email me at Thank you for your much-appreciated response.


Peter Shurman,